Thursday, June 26, 2008


I think I'm sick. At first I thought maybe I had allergies, but now I'm beginning to think I just have a head cold. My nose is running almost non-stop and I've sneezed a bazillion times today. Not to mention that my eyes have itched for over a week. Ack! Since I don't want to exert myself much I'm going to go with another meme, exhilarating huh? If I keep this up I'm starting to think even the people I know IRL will abandon reading :P

Here goes anyway:

2 names I go by:
Mom and lofabird

2 things I'm wearing right now:
glasses (due to the itchy eyes)

2 favorite things that happened today:
Netflix in the mail
I took a nap

2 things I want right now:
something exciting to happen
for the something exciting to not require me cleaning it up :)

2 favorite pets:
all pets as long as they live at the neighbors

2 things I did last night:
snuggled my baby
played a game with my hubby

2 things I ate last night:
mall type pretzels (homemade)
orange jello w/whip cream

2 people I last talked to:
My Dh
my daughter

2 things I will do tomorrow:
clean out spare room for a guest

farthest trip I've taken in the past 5 years:

2 favorite holidays:
does my birthday count??

2 favorite beverages:
ice tea
diet coke

Now you know even more useless things about me!!


Anonymous said...

I hope you are feeling better soon. That car ride below sure looks like fun. Who gets to push it back to the top?

Leanne said...

You're great!

Thanks for playing along.....

I LOVE LOVE LOVE V8 juice! In fact, I'm going to have some right now, while we watch Little House!

Love you tons!


EEEEMommy said...

God bless you!
What game did you play? My husband and I played a game last night too: Carcassonne the Castle. We've gotten into European board games.

I hope you get better soon. I was fighting bronchitis for a week or so. Something about this time of year.

JoAnn said...

My first thought with itchy eyes is allergies. It's one of my symptoms when they are bad. It sometimes gets bad enough that my conjunctiva will swell, especially if I rub them. The over the counter allergy eye drops work well for the itchiness.