Tuesday, September 29, 2009

6 weeks

I'm trying to be intentional about taking pictures. It doesn't always come to my mind, but I don't want to fail since time flies past me. So this morning I took out the camera and snapped a few of Kathleen. She is the most content like this, with her binky :)

and looks like this when you try to remove it....

But I did manage to get a few nice ones without the orange thing covering half her face!

Isn't she sweet?

She was being so good at this point I grabbed a couple of things and went outside for some better lighting to get a few more pictures. I think they turned out well, but I want to edit some in photoshop. I'll be posting them later ;)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ramblings and more pics :)

I have hopes of making it on here to blog more often, but it seems that lately I've been pretty consistent with once a week posts. That's okay, right? Better than none altogether. :)

All of my days seem to be kind of blurring together. Not because of lack of sleep (baby girl is letting me sleep quite well!) but just because we are busy. We have a few things that started back up this fall. Two bible studies, Awana's for the kids and of course the biggest being homeschool with the kids.

This year I am teaching four in our little school. Amanda is a fourth grader, Kenny is in third, Stephen is in first and Jessica is our kindergartner. I was a bit concerned at the start how we'd be able to get anything done with the littles, but doing most of the work during their naptime has been working.

I also started having the kids be more responsible for cleaning their rooms. I had read (on a blog of course) about a family who was having their kids team up and kinda compete with each other for who could have the cleanest room. So, I talked with the kids and now they do 'clean room challenge' each morning after breakfast. Girls vs. Boys. After 15 minutes I go inspect and choose a winner. I've had to decide based on things like a bead on the floor or a gum wrapper behind a door...seriously, they have been doing a fabulous job!

Wow, I'm looking back at what I've written and I think that the coffee this morning has put me in a super positive mood. :)

To balance things, I'll just add that I've been kept on my toes by a busy 2 yr old that keeps finding new things to get into. Like yesterday, I found him hiding in the laundry room eating ice cream out of the tub with his fingers. :P

~~ Lifes Good! ~~

Now, I'll show ya just a couple more of those photos!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Family Pics

It has been a really long time since we have had a nice family photo taken...a LONG time. We've had a few snapshots here and there but nothing nice. So this weekend Emily came and we asked her if she would take some photos with her Big Daddy camera. I think she did an AMAZING job.

Take a look:

This is a reality one...me trying to get Noah to stay put. :)

There are many more that I love but I'll spare you from looking at 100's of pictures! Thank you Emily!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

A couple of photos

Here are two photos from my weekend....more to come. :)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

I've seen these lists on blogs lately (like Linda's) and thought it would be a good, easy blog post for today. :)

Mine will just be ten random things I'm thinking about today:

1. My kids start back up with AWANA's tomorrow, they are really excited!

2. My super fun friend is coming to see me this weekend, I'm really excited!

3. I love listening to my baby's hiccups.

4. I have a hard enough time keeping track of the day of the week without a 3 day weekend completely throwing me off.

5. I'm ready for fall, cups of tea and sweaters.

6. I have a huge bowl of green beans in my fridge waiting for me to be motivated enough to can them.

7. I got a new cell phone and I have no idea how to use it...I even sent a text to the wrong person this week. (sorry Christie!)

8. Earlier this week I was talking with my daughter Amanda and she says, "did you know the eiffel tower is 5 inches taller in the summer than in the winter?" Kinda reminded me of the little kid from Jerry Maguire.

9. Having a family of ten means there is a laundry pile that's massive.

10. It would be really nice if Noah's molars would come in faster, he's been a sad little guy. :(

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bath time

Doesn't she just look tiny compared to my hand?

She was sleepy after the bath but then woke up for a quick photo shoot.