Thursday, October 16, 2008

Two many to go?

After Tuesday's episode of sickness I was not sure how yesterday was going to go and it was my off island shopping trip day. The kids woke up and no one appeared sick and thankfully the day did go without anyone getting sick. I began to assume that he got sick (it was my 1 year old) because of drinking to much fresh cider. We all know that assuming something just speaks of trouble right? Well, as of this morning I now have a second sick child (5 yr. old). So instead of the kids going to their playdate today and Awana's tonight we'll all be staying put here.

Onto a different topic...

Why oh why do strangers feel the need to be rude?

We were finishing up at Costco yesterday, I was putting kids and groceries into our van. I asked my 7 yr old to return the cart for me. The cart return place (what do you call it?) was directly across from the back of our van. I continued to unload food and he pushed it there. I looked up and he had not paid attention well and stepped in front of a car. The lady stopped in plenty of time and I watched him wave to her and apologize, I made eye contact with her and apologized for him too and she drove away. No big deal. Then this guy drives up rolls his window down and in a very condescending tone says, "You know, you let him go over there and he almost got ran over by a car."

Really? Like, wow I had no idea! Errr!!!

I said, "sorry" and he drove away. Why I said that I'm not sure but I was just flustered. Why did he feel the need to stop? and comment? He was not trying to be helpful, he was just rude and I couldn't shake it off. It bugged me, it still bugs me.

I think part of the reason that it bothered me so much is that it wasn't just an irresponsible kid type mistake. I've returned carts and turned around in front of cars before, so what he did was something I think most people have done on occasion. And I felt like this guy was picking on something that was an innocent mistake.

Okay, I'm done now. :o)


Monica said...

Love the picture at the top!

I think some people just have no concept of what it means to give grace to children who are doing their best and are still learning.

Once we were on a VERY hot trip (AC went out), I was 36 weeks pregnant and we stopped in a WalMart just to cool off for a while. I was, of course slow, and had 4 of the kids with me. This lady nearly ran me over with her cart and said that if my kids couldn't be considerate to others than I should just leave them at home. Apparently she wanted to get around us, but we were blocking her way. I nearly punched a complete stranger- it was not a good moment for me. I'm sure I gave her the dirtiest look ever and said nothing. If I would have had the 1 and 3 year old with me, she really have been annoyed.

Emily said...

Sorry for the sick kid sure spreads.

As far as the rude man. I think that some people just can't NOT tell people how they feel, and how they would do things OH SO MUCH better.

I remember my stepmother complaining and basically harping on me when Nathan was an infant. I had decided that life w/o a schedule would make me a psycho, so I scheduled his nursing times. He was the happiest of all my children, sweet and no problem-o. (unless he didn't eat on time, or sleep on time)

My stepmother felt the need to tell me that SHE didn't ever do this, and went on and on and ON about how unnecessary it was.

why? Not sure. It served no purpose, but she just felt like ruining my holiday.

and her kids? Not one of them slept through the night.


Kenny is a super, terrific kid. You just keep raising a polite young man and that's your revenge against rude jerks who can't cut a kid some slack.

chickadee@afamiliarpath said...

really did he have to be rude to you? sorry about that. i know it can really ruin your whole day.

Big Red Driver said...

Sometimes people are just yucky. Hope everyone feels better soon.

Ericksons said...

I feel you pain over the whole strangers being rude. We went to the library her in Othello one night. The kids needed to get out, I needed to get out, we all NEEDED to get out. When I told Paul that it was time to go however, he was not a happy camper. He was crying pretty loudly that he didn't want to go. I was thinking to myself how well I was handling his out burst as I tried to calm him down, clean up the area, and divert his attention. Well, the lady that worked the front desk came back and didn't offer a sympathetic smile or word. She asked me if I could keep him quiet. I said, "Excuse me? He's a two year old boy that's upset about leaving the library." It hurt my feelings a little. It wasn't like I was pinching him to make him scream or that he was even doing it that much. Oh well, what can you do. I guess those types of experiences are as much for us as they are for the other person. I had to keep telling myself that the lady wasn't trying to be rude, even though it felt that way. Anyway...

Robyn said...

Sorry to hear about the sickies. No fun for sure! Hopefully no one else will get sick.

As for the "gentleman" with the "helpful" comments, pray for him. He must have some serious issues if he feels the need to go out of his way to be so "caring".

Your crew was missed at AWANA's tonight. The prayed for you guys to get better!

Gayle @ thewestiecrew said...

Grrrr. People with rude and big mouths are on my last nerve right now.
I understand feeling so frustrated that you didn't know what to say and then you can think of several things after it's too late.
((Hugs friend))
And the cart thing? I've done it 600 times, too. I guess it doesn't matter that you have a 7 year old that is sweetly helping his Mama.

Kimmie said...

HI Laura;

Drats, was hoping and praying for no more sickies. I will keep praying though.

Sorry about the shopping cart incident, it never helps that stuff like that happens when you are already dealing with so many other things (like sick kids, grocery shopping melt down, not enough sleep....the list goes on and on as a mother)...hope you both get to talk about it and get something positive out of the days events.
People can be mean, sometimes they think somehow they are helping...but the trouble is most don't think...hey, how does that sound?
mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

Angie said...

Hope all is well by now at your house. I too love the picture of the 6 of the kids at the top. That is such a natural looking photo.

Some people are just so rude! I have seen ADULTS walk in front of cars. It was nice that the lady wasn't the one being rude. That man had no business saying anything no matter what he "thought". Most people like that haven't ever even had kids and want to make remarks. Gripes my rear! your blog.