Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Musical Family?

Neither my husband or I are 'musical people'. I played the clarinet throughout junior high and that's the extend of the musical abilities in this house. However, the kids expressed interest in taking lessons. So now we have four of them learning instruments. Amanda & Jessica are learning the piano. Kenny is drumming and Stephen is learning to play the guitar. We even have a music room.

When the kids talked to us about lessons, we told them that it's not cheap and it would require a big time commitment. Our first step was to pray about it. Pray that we'd find a way to acquire the instruments and find teachers...basically pray about all the details.

You know what? Shortly thereafter, I received an email about a new teacher in our area willing to teach pretty much ANY instrument and he's willing to come to the students home for lessons.

It never ceases to amaze me how the Lord cares about things we may think are small requests.

Not only did we get lessons, but ALL the kids have the same teacher...and he comes to our house. No driving all around.

Amazing! We serve a very awesome, loving God! :)


ericksonzone said...

That is really cool! Prayer really works! And what a great setup to have the teacher come to your house!

Holly C. said...

That's wonderful!

Michelle said...

Wow! That is great. The not driving around is a life saver. You will have quite the worship team soon.

Kate said...

Wow - I'd love to have the lessons at the house - well maybe after they learned to play fairly well.

Gayle @ TrainingOlives said...

When my Julianna expressed a deep desire to play piano, I told her to pray about it and I would, too.

The biggest obstacle was that we didn't actually *own* a piano and you really do need one. So, we started praying and in only a few weeks a friend of mine called and casually mentioned that the church had an extra piano that they were trying to get rid of because they didn't have room for it, but that it was in very good condition! We got that piano and lessons for the girl right away.

She still loves to play, but we haven't found her any lessons here yet b/c we had to store the piano since we are on a 3rd floor apartment. :)

Renata said...

Hi Laura
I love the way the Lord answers prayers - even about the little things!
I would love to have a music room - I think music lessons is one of the best gifts parents can give their children - I will always be appreciative of the sacrifices my parents made so we could all have piano lessons throughout our growing up years!
Hope you have a wonderful week!