Thursday, July 14, 2011

Jessica turns 7

It seems like the older my kids get the more incredulous I feel about birthdays.

In my head I'm thinking, "SEVEN? WHO TOLD YOU, YOU COULD TURN SEVEN!!"

*sigh* no matter how I feel about them growing up though, it still happens.

When you are a procrastinator/forgetful like me you end up having to improvise a lot (and I mean A LOT). Like having to use matches in place of candles.... :O)

Thankfully, my kids are pretty used to this sort of thing so it didn't phase her at all!

Happy Birthday my sweet Jessica!


Leanne said...

She's so beautiful!!! She looks a lot like a brown-haired Amanda.

I feel exactly like you do about birthdays.....I don't really like them. I thought I was going to have a freak attack when Russell turned 16 a few months ago!! I do wish we could stop time.....and now Hannah is turning 14 in two weeks!!! YIKES!!! All I can think of is the day when they will leave me and have families of their own...and it makes me sad!!

Hey, you mentioned in your Birth Story with Theo that Amanda got to be in there when he was born. You ought to do a post on how that went and how she felt about that and what she thought! I'd like to read it.

Take care! And happy birthday Jessica!!

Shelby said...

Oh my gosh, love the cake:) You are so creative for having to improvise. Happy Birthday Jessica!


Anonymous said...

Leanne: I have a blog, and I did write a blog post about when theo was born... If you look on my mom's Blogs i like to read list, My blog is listed as My daughter amanda's blog. It is one of my older posts. :)

~Amanda Sims