Thursday, September 15, 2011

Breaking the silence

The last month has zipped by packed with lots of activity!

We repainted our dining room and installed new flooring. Ian built a nice big table and new (much sturdier) benches! Isn't it pretty?

Amanda turned 11 and had the privilege of getting her ears pierced.

Leenie (Kathleen) turned 2 and is just as adorable as ever....yes, I am biased just a wee bit.

Aaaaand, we hosted our 2nd annual Sims Birthday Bash! Essentially this is one big 'ole birthday party a year instead of hosting a friend party for each of the kids on their individual birthday's. It was perfect weather this year and we had a blast. I do believe that the kids' favorite activity was the face painting.

Ian seemed to like roasting the pig! It turned out SO yummy.

I've come to the realization though that I should not try and be the host and photographer. We simply didn't get enough photos to document the day because I was too busy! :P

Lets see....we also started back to full time school work and extra curricular activities like music lessons, band, AWANA, & a science co-op.

I'm 18 weeks along with baby #10 and feeling pretty good. We go in for a sonogram in a couple of weeks to get a peek and hopefully get to find out baby's gender. : )


ericksonzone said...

I hardly recognize your kids younger than Amanda. They have all grown so much and you've added some sweet ones I haven't ever met. You are amazing Laura. I love hearing about your family and how it's growing.

Renata said...

Oh you guys have been busy! I love the table & stools!! What a fun idea to have one big birthday party for everyone. I have come to the same conclusion about photography & hosting things ~ just doesn't work.

Eli came & said he likes your boys faces painted ~ especially the spider man!!
Glad you are going well

Dustine said...

Beautiful table and benches. Hope you guys enjoy lots of family meals around it. :)
Blessings to you all.

Holly C. said...

That table is great and so is the birthday party idea!

Jessica said...

What a sweet family you have!