Monday, October 17, 2011

My little Crayons

For Halloween we really love to put together family theme costumes. My husband heard about a local campground that hosts trick or treating mid-October, so we decided to get things ready and go! We had a few friends that went with us too (that aren't pictured). They went along with the theme as coloring pages, a paint brush (her hair was the brush!) and a painters palette.

Here's a group shot of our family...

P.s. I realize many of you already saw this on Facebook, but I wanted it here for my own reasons :O)


Holly C. said...

That's so awesome!

ericksonzone said...

What a cute idea! You all look great!

Renata said...

Hi Laura
You have a beautiful family & are so very creative!
Looks good!

Leanne said...


I'm back!

Sooo glad to know about your healthy baby girl...any names picked out?? Tell all!

I've missed you and have been thinking about you a lot lately.

Take care and talk soon!!