Saturday, December 17, 2011

Writing with prompts is actually keeping me blogging! :o)

December 16th
Volunteer: Did you volunteer anywhere this year? Did you learn something in the process? Would you volunteer in 2012? If you don’t, why don’t you?

My oldest daughter and I volunteer in the nursery at our church, which usually ends up being once every 5-6 week or so. I enjoy little ones so it's not a tough job. :O) I'm not sure if we'll continue once the baby is born. I will be a bit more limited on just how much help I'd be. :P

December 17th
Ordinary Joy: How have you experienced ordinary joy this year?

Joy. That would have to be from my kiddos. Watching them play, learn and just enjoy life. The funny things they do or say (a lot of which I post on Facebook!). All of that brings me joy. Watching Theo this year go from a newborn to crawling to almost running! His little laugh and slight roar that he makes when he's happy. Kathleen learning to talk more and all of us getting to witness her sweet personality emerge....

I could go on and on. :O) I'm a blessed gal to have all these little people to bring me joy. It's truly wonderful. (not EVERY moment obviously but most!)

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MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

ordinary joy is the bestest kind of joy!

i love that you have so many children... to have a full house and heart... what a precious GIFT and treasure!