Thursday, September 6, 2012

Glimpse of life right now

  • Our oldest daughter turned 12 a few weeks ago, she's getting so old! She's participating in a writing class this year and is loving it. Writing is her passion.
  • We've entered the 5th month of being store owners. The business is plodding along. I'm still enjoying it, though I haven't come even close to mastering a balance between work and keeping up with housework! :P
  • Pregnancy is also plodding along, I'm approximately 14 weeks now. Glad to be out of the first trimester tiredness and nausea!
  • We're hosting our 3rd annual Birthday Bash this Sunday. It's one big party that we throw for all the kids instead of having 'friend' parties for each of the kids throughout the year. Should be a blast.
  • Mabel is nearing 7 months old already! I'll end this with a cute video of her giggle (please excuse my lousy camera work)...


Sarah said...

Sweet giggle! And I love her cheeks!

Kimmie said...

sounds like your busy...would love more posts on your store and a glimpse of it.

can't see the video...sniff.

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