Tuesday, August 5, 2014

School year 2014-2015 - The plan

Yesterday I sat down and worked out a plan for the upcoming/fast approaching school year. My plans are always more of a goal, as in, it's a rough draft that gets tweaked as we go along. :)

Here goes:

Amanda - 9th grade (I have a high schooler!!!)

Notgrass World History which covers three subjects: Bible, Lit & History

Ctc Math Algebra 1 (https://ctcmath.com/purchase/homeschool/) - this is something new we're trying this year for most of the kids...give me a few weeks and I'll come back with a review for you!

Apologia Physical Science

I've heard that Notgrass is heavy on reading, but my girl loves to read so we may add in some other independent reading with book review papers as well.

Kenny - Grade 8

Ctc math Algebra 1

Language arts - Saxon writing / grammar 8
                         CLP building spelling skills
                        Independent Reading list (read book, write review/response paper) 2 books per month

Apologia Anatomy - we've tried to complete this one twice now and it just never got done. So THIS is the year we WILL do it. :) He will be working with Stephen, Jessica & Abram as a group for this and history.

Mystery of history - as group

Code academy - computer programming

Bible - CLP studying God's word

Stephen - Grade 6

Ctc math - 7th to pre algebra

Language arts - Saxon grammar / writing 7
                         Explode the code 8
                         CLP building spelling skills
                         Wordly wise 6
                         Independent reading - 1 book per month with review/response paper

History & Science - as group

Code academy - computer programming

Bible - CLP studying God's word

Jessica - Grade 5

Ctc Math - she just finished up Saxon 6/5 so I'm assuming she'll start at level 6

Language arts - Wordly wise
                         CLP building spelling skills
                         Climbing to good English grade 5
                         Independent reading - 2 books per month (of mom's choice)
History & Science- as group

Elementary Spanish class (hosted here at our store)

Bible - CLP studying God's word

Abram - Grade 3

Ctc math

History & Science- as group

Language Arts - Climbing to good English grade 3
                          Wordly wise 2 & 3
                          Pathway & Abeka readers to read aloud to mom
                          Handwriting/ copy work out of above readers

Bible - CLP studying God's word

Elementary Spanish class (hosted here at our store)

Noah & Kathleen - K-1st grade (I'm teaching these two together, hoping that works well!)

CTC math or Singapore 1A & 1B - I'd like to use the online math but I'm not sure if I'll love it. They need the handwriting more hands on at this age so we'll see.

Language arts will be a combination of : Alpha phonics, Explode the Code, Evan Moor's Phonics Fundamentals & handwriting/copy work.

All together

On the drive to and from our store (approx 15-20 mins.)
we'll listen to audio: 2 days/week for history
                              2  days/week for Science
                              1 day - literature audio book          

Memorize 1 verse of scripture per week & keep a file box of all of them for review

We'll add in a bunch of other random things that I think are 'school' but won't count to actually write down in the plan. Educational games, documentaries, life skills (cooking, chores, safety skills, etc), workouts at the gym, swimming, entrepreneurial skills from working at our store and much more. :)                      

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Dawn said...

I don't know how you do it all. It looks like a great plan.
Blessings, Dawn