Saturday, March 8, 2008

Want to play along?

Thanks to Scott there's a new tag in town.....

Tag! You're next.
1 For each letter of your name, write a word that describes you.
2. For each letter of your name, write a word that decribes God.
3. For each letter of your name, write the name of a character in a movie you like.
4. For each letter of your name, write the name of a song that is fitting for your life somehow.

Laura is...
L- loyal
A- attentive (a mom has to be, right?)
U- understanding
R- Realistic
A- adventurous (I have to be to clean out under my couch!)

GOD is....
L- Loving
A- All powerful
U- Uncontainable
A- All knowing

L- Laura (Little House on the Praire...easy one)
A- Ann (Ann of Green Gables...Love that spunky redhead!)
U- Uncle Nezzer (Veggie Tales Easter Carol)
R- Ruth (Fried Green Tomatoes)
A- Alrighty, this is too hard.....

L- Like the Rain (it fits our weather)
A- Amazing Grace (original version)
U- Understand By: Jeremy Camp
R- Reach.....By: Warren Barfield
A- Amazing Grace by Chris Tomlin

It's not as easy as it looks....go ahead and try it if you dare!


Leanne said...

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

Should I move over here too???????

All of my friends are actually over here now.....

Come over here, would ya, and help me with the picture thing!!!!!

You guys are so utterly adorable, all of you, it makes me smile sooo big!!!

I miss you, and it seems like forever since I've seen you/talked to you on the phone....

I so wish you guys can come to the party tomorrow...but I understand the travel issue and you being maybe not able to with how far along you are...

I guess I'm kinda feeling blue tonight and like I'm gonna burst into tears any I've been doing today!


I think my husband is taking me on a date tonight...just what I need to cheer me up!!! YAY!

Let us know where you guys end up...I'm sure it's not down here again!!! Lol!


Emily said...

Copy cat.

duckygirl said...

this is only a test

call*me*kate said...

So, let's count here - if Em is there, that means there are, what, 10 adorable kids running around the house?

Whoa. Keep smiling Duckygirl! Hope both moves are as painless as possible.

Hey Em - about the avatar - I got tired of looking at myself. If we ever get a new photo card (or whatever you call those costly little things) I'll post a new avatar and even pics of my kids. Hope everyone is doing well.


EEEEMommy said...

That's AnnE with an E! ;)

I HEART your header picture...except it looks like you're missing a couple. :)

Gayle said...

I love your new look. You're gonna love how easy blogger is!

Thanks for the birthday present today! I loved it all!

Monica said...

Your blog looks great!! I think you'll find that blogger has a lot of advantages. And if you're into moving things around, it is so easy to "redecorate".