Friday, March 28, 2008

Hello to anyone who may still be out there! We are officially moved into our new house!!! This past week has been so busy I'm almost glad that the internet connection was down....wait I take that back :) Not having the internet has made me feel like half my brain is gone. It really amazes me how much I use it for. I actually looked up phone numbers in a book, called the bank for my balance and found a receipt to remind me which library books to find...all things I would have done via the web normally.

When the house here is a bit more unpacked I will be posting photos so expect those soon (that'll help keep me motivated to empty the boxes).

I will also post a picture or two of my little guy who is now walking! Can you say FINALLY???

Oh and pictures of my 2 year olds swollen bruised chin after his fall of the bunk bed yesterday...rushing off to the doctors wasn't on my list this week but we squeezed it in.

Basically stay tuned for photos...they are coming!


Leanne said...

oh, there you are!!!!

I've missed you much!

I just figured you were just busy packing and didn't have time to post, which totally rankles me!!!!! lol!!!!

Anyway, I'll be checking in with you......

I never left!


I've a new blog! OVER HERE!

Anonymous said...

Missed you!
Glad you are all moved in and hope the unpacking goes well. Look forward to the pics.