Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Our first week in a new house

Being in a new place always brings new things to discover. New places to hide in 'hide and go seek', new closets and cupboards to organize stuff in, new creaks and groans the floors make and even sounds at night. This house is an old farmhouse and has lots of character (that I'm loving). It also has a basement and a garage under the house. My husband and I were standing in the garage the other day and heard a noise...like a scratching sound.

My mind went immediately to 'oh, please do not be a mouse!' I walked over to a cupboard where it seemed to be coming from and slowly opened and ......


Not exactly what I expected, but at least it wasn't a mouse. Our neighbor raises organic chickens and apparently this one is a free range bird :)

The weather turned out to be a bit wacky this week too going from a great 60 degree day on our moving day to this two days later...

Snow! We got about an inch before it started to rain and all melted away. Very strange start to spring in Washington.

To make the week even more eventful my two and three year olds decided to fight over who would get to go down the slide (off the bunkbed) first. Of course this was very polite 'I would like to go now, is that ok?' because these are well trained angelic children right? Nope! Said three year old decided to push her little brother out of the way and this resulted in him falling off the bed....

These pictures were taken a few hours after he fell. Under his chin was really swollen and he has a big hole on the inside of his lip. I freaked out a bit and took him to the doctor, who told me not to worry he'd be fine.

It just looked so bad :(

I'm still trying to get enough unpacked before I take pictures of the house, it'll happen soon....really, I promise!


Gayle said...

That's a new one! A chicken hiding in the cupboard. Did you scream? I want to see pictures of your new house. It sounds great.

Emily said...

A CHICKEN!!!!!!!!!
Since I've had the priveledge of being to your new snazzy house, I figured it would be one of those crazy chickens.
Did Abram have anything to do w/ putting her in there?

EEEEMommy said...

Chicken- Hysterical!
Chin- Poor baby! Poor mommy!
Having to open the phone book & search for library receipts- Priceless!

Have fun settling in! I look forward to the pictures.

Leanne said...


That looks painful.....

You don't strike me as a freaker when it comes to owies with your kids....I think we're opposites, because I don't think I freak at owies, but I do freak at other things!!!

Can't wait to see pictures of your new home.....I bet you're having fun finding just the right place for everything!

take care!


Angela said...

What did you do when you saw the chicken? How 'bout the swollen chin!!!!!!!!!

gail said...

ooooooooohhhhhhhh! i love the chicken! definitely "free range".

so good to see pics of the puget sound. we have been in idaho for the last 4 years and i miss WA so much! you mention being on an island ... i have friends on lopez and my in laws are on whidbey. gotta love those ferries.

i found you from gayle's blog, i'm sure i'll be back.

gail in idaho