Tuesday, April 8, 2008

How I spent my weekend

Have you ever found yourself with a project that you never imagined you'd be a part of? This weekend my husband and a friend went and picked up a pool table they found off of Craigslist. The only problem? It needed new felt. Simple, no? If you can see in the picture the light pink color under the green...that's the old felt we removed.

Here we are attempting to refelt one of the side rails....
we look like we know what we are doing (hahahaha)
Here is the finished product, it turned out quite nice if I do say so myself.
Now if only I was any good at playing. I guess I'll leave that to my husband and any guests who want to play. (Jim?) We've also acquired an air hockey table, people get rid of things cheap on that Craigslist if you look, it's great!

The next two are just a couple of my boys. Doesn't he look much better than the photo last week?

Look who's walking!!!! ~And~
Our move brought us closer to the church where the local AWANA group meets, so now we have three little Sparks in our house! They are SOOO excited to be a part of this and are already memorizing like crazy :)


Emily said...

I love all the pictures! You 2 are amazing to refelt that. Stretching fabric is hard stuff!
and what cute Sparks you have. :)

Leanne said...

Yeah, totally amazing! And awesome that you have room for that pool table!

Love to see how your kids are growing up!

How are you feeling??


Anonymous said...

WOW.....pretty and handy too!

Anonymous said...

You sure are the handy one:) How fun to have a pool table. And the kids look so cute. I love those programs that churches offer. My kids love their Gems and Royal Rangers.
@HSB SeekingJesusnTeachingKids

Randi said...

Wow! What a project. The table looks great!

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures, before I moved I taught AWANA sparkies for 10 years!! I miss it