Thursday, April 17, 2008

Spa day brings happiness

I have very fine, thin hair. Always have, always will. It tends to get static-y and scraggly looking very easily. Combine that with the fact that I'm not really into having to style my hair and I end up with a pony tail most of the time. A hairdresser of mine once told me pony tails were 'lazy hair'....nice! Anywho I'm coming to a point here. I went to my MOPS group this week and it was their annual spa day. (didn't want to miss that one!) I got entered into the drawing for a free haircut (yep, FREE) and I won!! Now, I didn't do anything remarkable I just got a trim. I was chatting with the lady though and telling her my hair history. Last year I permed my hair, loved it but now it's growing out and most of the curl is gone. What's left ends up REALLY frizzy, so the pony tails that used to be most days have become EVERYDAY, UGH! Well, I'm watching how she decided to 'style' my hair and when she was done I was back to healthy looking straight hair, no frizz!! The best part is...I can do it too!! I hate it when you watch someone do it, it ends up perfect but you can never repeat the process yourself. Oh, it's EASY too :) I just grab one of these...

Lovely Round Brush...A bottle of Mousse

and a hair dryer

Proceed to dry hair while brushing in a downward direction with the round brush and Presto! Normal hair that I'm not embarrassed to wear down.

*happy sigh*


Emily said...

I saw that blog template! I think the ducky's are a bit overwhelming, but I know it's your thing.

Are you going to do a fam. shot at the top? You've got cute kids, flaunt 'em girl!

Emily said...

I like the floral way better. CUTE.

Gayle said...

Love the new look! I know how time consuming all the changing can be...very nice!
AND, I think it's WONDERFUL that you are feeling good about your hair. There isn't much worse than when you aren't lovin' your "do".
BTW, I am so glad that the Dr. thing worked out for you. You could really go any day now, huh?
Can't wait to "meet" the little fella. :)
I will pray right now for your labor and delivery.

Leanne said...

So, you really need to post pictures of said new 'do!!! I gotta see it, ya know?

And thanks for the really uplifting comment on my recent post. You're such an encourager!


Gayle said...'s the picture? You can't just leave us hanging like that.

Emily said...

I think this is a record. I'm commenting 3 times in one post.

Take a picture of the new carpet for us. :)

EEEEMommy said...

I'm impressed you can manage the hairbrush and the blowdryer simultaneously! I'm not coordinated enough to do that myself!
Praying for you!

Grace and Peace,