Sunday, April 27, 2008


Last weeks agenda included: More muffins (peach, berry?), turkey soup, King Turkey Ranch casserole, BBQ shredded turkey (for sandwiches) and make another large batch of Laundry soap.
I'm happy to report that it actually ALL got done!! My freezer is looking full and now I'm just playing the waiting game. I'm down to one week before my due date and I've been having days of sporadic contractions that do no seem to be leading anywhere. I'm sure it will all happen soon enough, it's just so hard to focus on much else. I'll keep you posted.....


Emily said...

last night Jim got off the phone w/ Ian and said that he wished you'd have the baby on the weekend so he could come with me....I said....I hope she has it soon so I can plan....Ian said he hopes you have it soon so he can study for his test.

I guess it's all about us. :()

Leanne said...

I knew it!!!

I knew Em was going to be the first comment!!! I just had a feeling!

Anyway, I'm almost biting my fingers in anticipation! I want you to have that baby soon!!!!!!!!

Dave has a long weekend on May 16th or something like that....

Know what I'm thinkin'??

What if??

The fire that got lit under me by reading your busy post went out!


Gayle said...

I was just checking in to see if the little guy had made his appearance....don't you just feel like a watched pot?
However, this WAS posted on maybe?