Monday, April 14, 2008

Doctors appt. update

I'm posting again today to let you all know how my doctor's appointment went. The last time I was there she had mentioned that she would want to start seeing me once a week (hence the indecisive bit in the last post). Well, after listening to baby's heartbeat (what a wonderful sound!) and doing all the measuring, poking, prodding stuff we went to schedule my next appt. To my surprise it worked out perfect. She thought next week sounded too soon, the next week she's on vacation so we made the appointment for May 7th...two days after I'm due. So my dilemma is solved, no stress involved at all!! Not only that but she checked my cervix and I'm 75% thinned out and dilated to almost a two, with baby's head WAY low...yippee progress!


Emily said...

You do know how handy it would be to just have him this weekend.

Leanne said...

I want to come see him when he's born.....if you don't mind me crying a lot!!!! I'm a mess right now.

I do admit to being a bit envious of you right now, my dear friend, but I love you so much and I want to get my hands on that baby!!!

Thinking about how I can arrange to come and see you when you give birth!

What a great surprise to find out baby's birth is imminent!