Friday, November 21, 2008

The Move

It's been a LONG week. So much has happened that I think it would be easiest to just give you a few highlights with a promise of lots of pictures to come.

  1. We made it from Washington to Illinois in 36 hours flat. The kids did awesome and slept 2/3 of the time. Night driving is by far the best way to travel!
  2. All we brought with us was our van and a uhaul trailer (5ft x 8ft) with essentials.
  3. The rental house is nice but has proven to have some quirks...I'll blog about those later.
  4. There has been a lot of furniture building. Two benches for the kitchen table, a desk, three sets of bunk beds, a queen size bed platform and a huge cabinet for homeschool supplies. The bunkbeds are super cool, instead of mattresses the kids are getting hammocks. :)
  5. Ian and I got to go on one last date night before our friend/babysitter travels on to Pennsylvania. The Olive Garden has great food. Mmmm.
  6. The second day here we saw snowflakes, the kids are really hoping to see more.
  7. Noah ate his first solid food (well, mushy food to be exact) today. He gobbled it up nicely.

And do you want to know the best thing by far?

We haven't had to ride on one single ferry boat since we left Washington!!! (sorry Vashon folk, but it's the truth)


Renata said...

Sounds like you have been really busy. I don't know how far those two places are apart, but 30odd hours driving sounds completely exhausting. Glad you made it safely. Have fun putting your home together again!

Robyn said...

Oh Laura, you know you miss just missing a ferry and having to wait an hour until the next one with your seven darling children tired from a full day of shopping! ;) I can't wait to see pictures of the new house. I'm sure you will have it in perfect order in no time (if it isn't already). I'm glad to hear you got a date before the favored babysitting friend leaves. We miss you guys! Everyone you back here says to tell you "hello and that they miss you".

Monica said...

Welcome to the Midwest!! I hope you are up for some cold weather. I pray that you are able to recover from your travels and find a new normal soon.

Anonymous said...

Luara! You sure got alot done in a short period of time. We look forward to seeing your new home soon.

Gayle said...

I can't wait for photos and details. I bet you have a months worth of blog material.

I'm so glad you got their safe!

Emily said...

Pictures, pictures, pictures.

Angie said...

I can't wait to read about you all settling in more. I live in KY so we're sorta neighbors. So, welcome to the neighborhood. I'm in Western Ky and we travel to Illinois to visit w/family when we can. Isn't it fun traveling w/kids. "Are we there yet?" How many times did you hear that? LOL

Hugs and Glad you made it there safely.


Kimmie said...

So excited to hear about your travels and your settling in. Wow, 2/3 of the way must have some serious super powers!

Can't wait to see pictures!

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted