Sunday, August 30, 2009

I feel like life went from this:

to this:

And we'll be starting back up homeschooling tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

HAHA! Cute picture story :) I will be in the waiting room a while tomorrow. I will be praying for your day :)

Christie L. said...

I don't know how you can start back to school so soon after having a baby. It always takes me a lot longer to get back into the groove. You're made of stiffer stuff than I am!

Leanne said...

I can say with assurance that I've been there!!!

I have no idea how you can start homeschooling with a brand new baby!

I would advise you to listen to your body and not to stress out too much about school or anything else. You're headed for burn out real quick, my friend!

But I will pray for you, okay??


Maria said...

I pretty much have always had a baby while I homeschooled. Life seems to be slowing down a bit now that my baby is a toddler and none are being expected at the moment. I will pray for you. But just know that one momma can only do what one momma can do. Just do your best and leave the rest to God.:)

Monica said...


The Pauls' Family said...

Praying God gives you the strength for what He puts before you each day. Just remember to major on the majors and keep the minors just that :)

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

That last one cracks me up!