Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Our Trip to Six Flags

At the beginning of the spring this year the kids participated in a reading program to earn tickets to Six Flags. We had received the tickets (for 3 kids & one adult) and told the kids we'd make sure that we went. Well, the tickets were only good through August 9th so last weekend was our last chance. I debated all the pros and cons and the cons seemed to be winning: 3 hour drive, forecast of 100+ degrees, cost, 37 weeks preggo....but disappointing the kids just wasn't something I was up to. I budgeted in the price of the tickets and gas and planned to take food with us so we wouldn't end up eating out. I'm not sure why but I was still feeling pretty stressed out about it all. My main two concerns were the cost of the tickets we still needed and the long span of time in the park without food. (I'd planned to eat right when we arrived and right when we left and brought food in our cooler)

So, I just prayed that it would all work out.

The drive down went well and after an absurd amount of time trying to get into the parking lot, we arrived at the ticket line. We're standing waiting and this man in the next line over came up to Ian and said he had an extra coupon if we wanted it. It was good for a free child's admission $31.00!

A couple hours later we were taking a break in the shade at a table and passing around drinks and the people seated next to us came over and offered two baskets of french fries. They said it came with their order and they just weren't hungry enough and didn't want to waste it.

I felt weepy and oh so grateful as we were walking around. God is so GOOD! We came in under my planned budget and everyone had a little snack to tide over their bellies, both in ways I could never have imagined.

Now for some pictures. :)

Here's Abram, he was SUPER excited to see all of the people dressed up like characters. The first one he spotted was Bugs Bunny and he said, "Mom, I just want to hug him!"

There weren't very many rides that Josiah was able to go on, so you can tell how happy he was that he could ride this one!

And, we also got to see the St. Louis Arch on our drive....very cool!


Emily said...

Fun that you took your camera! There are none of you or Ian though. I feel ripped off.

Miriam said...

Emily! That's a comment from EMILY!? Emily who's taking a bloggy break?! Whew, good to know she's still alive :P

Those pictures are great and the kids look like they had so much fun!!! I like the Arch picture. Daniel and I were in the top of that thing last year on our vacation!

Stephanie said...

Hi! (This is Ian's old coworker-- please tell him I said hello!)
First, congratulations on the new baby on the way! Second, I love hearing testimonies like this of how faithful God is in even the littlest things to let us know that we really don't have to worry and that we can trust Him!

Leanne said...

God just knows, doesn't He??!!

It looks like you had a fantastic time, but why don't you ever get pics of you or Ian???

I'm about to make salsa and it seems like Ian should be here to taste-test it!!!

Jealous that Emily gets to come!!!

Anonymous said...

That looks like such a fun day! It's so great to see kids laughing and smiling:) I love the way God provides for us when we choose to honor Him with His money ;) Great job for the kids earning those tickets too!!

Dusti said...

God is good.

Kimmie said...

So glad that God surprised you with his goodness. The pictures are so colorful, and being so hot, you don't even look like you are melting!

37 weeks....wow, you are getting really ripe! ;-)

bless you sweet friend.
mama to 7
one homemade and 6 adopted

Heth said...

I love it when God shows how much He cares, even in the details of life. What a fun trip! Way to brave it preggo lady!

EEEEMommy said...

What a wonderful testimony of God's provision! He really does care about the little things!!

Laura said...

God is wonderful! So glad all of you had a great trip! My family & I went to Holiday World today and something similar happened...we stopped for lunch at the waterpark, ended up ordering a family special~whole pizza with sides (cheaper that way). While we were finishing up eating a couple of what looked to be single mothers there with their children sat at the table next to us. One waited at the table with the children while the other went to the food line. We had 2 pieces of pizza left plus an order of fries. The first lady came back from the line and I heard the other lady say it was her turn now. I felt in my heart to ask her if she would want our food. I almost felt foolish, but something inside told me to ask her anyway. I'm glad I did, she was happy to take the food and I felt that it was God taking care of both of us. He is teaching me to listen more to his instruction in my life. After reading your post about your ecperience I feel a confirmation that God had a hand in the exchange today. Thanks for your post!
Blessings to you,

Hunter said...

Wow!! Lovely pictures!! Kids having great fun at Six Flags... I too like to spend time at six flags!!