Thursday, December 17, 2009

Random Pics of the week

Here are a few glimpses of life this week.

This treasure was Ian's gift at a white elephant exchange. Still in the original box and looking brand new, it's a flashlight and vacuum cleaner combo! I can't imagine how I've lived this long without one. :P

A couple of kiddos in front of our tree...

A cutie pie who will be FOUR months old in two days.

Time is passing too quickly.

And a little princess who learned that her new chapstick was purple instead of clear...I think she'll use a mirror next time. :)


Leanne said...

Kathleen is darling! Thanks for posting those pictures of her, I'd wondered WHERE she was!!

Sweet pictures of a happy family!

Melissa Stover said...

that baby is precious! and what an odd creation: flashlight/vacuum cleaner.

Anonymous said...

cute pics. They make me miss all of you.

Kate said...

Great pictures. Hope you get settled in soon!

Renata said...

What great pictures! Your baby is adorable!
I've never seen that vacuum/light attachment, but now I'm intrigued!