Saturday, January 2, 2010


A new year begins.

In a new house.

New goals.

A few new school books should arrive any day now.

New schedule to make (& hopefully stick to!)

The beginning of a new year reminds me of fresh snowfall. So fresh, clean and peaceful. Soon it will be broken in but for now it's just lovely.


Leanne said...

Those are profound thoughts written in a simple way.

I'm thinking along the same lines but just haven't posted a 2010 post...Just to type that year seems so ancient and so far in the future, yet it's right here!

Hope you reach all your goals this year!

Anonymous said...

I am ordering some new books and trying something new the second half of the year too :) What are you ordering?

Renata said...

Yes I agree - a new year always seems like a new start. Hope you are enjoying this year so far & have a wonderful year ahead!

Dusti said...

I'd love to hear more about your homeschooling. What works for you in the schedule and curriculum areas. We have a very loose schedule right now as I (think) an assignment list works best for us. We are using Timberdoodle's recommendations for curriculum with a bunch of library books to keep it interesting. :)
Hope you all are loving your new house and it is beginning to feel like home.

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Pink Slippers said...

Wow! I am a Mommy to 7. 9 and under. We have LOTS in common.

Anonymous said...
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