Monday, January 11, 2010

11 on the 11th

I read a few blog posts yesterday from people who participated in the 10 on the 10th thing. I didn't get to it before the day was over so today I'm going to give you 11 on the 11th. So you'll get one more bonus since I'm slow getting this typed out!

1. My little Noah has started to say so many new words! He says baby, Noah, mama, dad, bye bye, hello, hi, up, car, ball and his version of the other kids' names (tetta=Jessica)

2. Kathleen is growing and I want to treasure these itty bitty toes as long as I can.

3. Josiah turned 3 last week!! I completely skipped over posting on his birthday but here's a pic of him as he was opening gifts.

4. Emily makes taking self portraits look so easy (it helps that she's adorable!)...mine turn out like this one.

5. We started a schedule last week that maps out our day in 30 minute increments. I love it. It helps us all stay on track soooo much more and I think we accomplish a lot more in the same amount of time. Now to just STICK with it.

6. I really want to keep track of all the books that my kids read. I think it would be extremely helpful in several ways.

7. I've had a back ache for the last couple of weeks. At first I thought it was because of the new mattress that we got, and now the pain seems more internal. I think it may be kidney related. I don't know. It's not intense pain, just mild and annoying. *sigh* maybe I'll just ignore it and it'll go away?

8. My daughter is watching a home video of herself telling the story of Goldilocks and the three bears....I need to take more video it's hilarious to watch later!

9. Getting to 11 things is harder than I first anticipated.

10. Stephen finished his first pathway reader book!! This is a HUGE milestone for him, he was super excited! :o)11. I'm having a hard time with meal planning lately. I try to think of a menu and draw a blank, you'd think I'd never cooked before.


Monica said...

At first I thought you were saying that was a self portrait that you daughter took of herself. I was shocked by how much you look alike, until I realized it was you:)

Don't ignore the kidney pain. I had a kidney infection once and was really sick. It's not worth it. Go to the doctor and give a urine sample. That would be so much easier.

Beth said...

I have a difficult time taking self-portraits, as well! You're right, Emily's turn out great. And, she is cute, but so are you :)

Leanne said...

I've wanted to do a post like this too...

I agree, don't ignore the kidney pain. Go to the doctor, kidney infections aren't something to toy with. Trust me.

I like your self portrait. It's entirely you. And I like you!!

Mylittleducksandme said...

That was fun to read :) My goodness Josiah and Noah look so much older than the last time we saw you. I hope to see you all soon. And your picture is cute too.

Emily said...

I don't know if I've ever been called adorable as an adult. You're to kind. :)

and I like that picture of you, you're thoughtful yet playful in it.

Christie L. said...

We love the Pathway Readers! I've had to buy the first book three times now, since the first one got left in Walmart and the second one got left outside. But it's worth it, because my beginning readers love the book so much. :-)