Friday, April 23, 2010

Whatcha Doing?

Almost daily my husband texts me asking, "Whatcha doing?"

Most of the time I have very exciting answers like: dishes, school work with the kids, folding laundry....etc.

My days are busy in a very pleasant yet uneventful way. Well except for the times when water gets spilled all over, the baby cries and everyone seems to be talking at once (those aren't the most pleasant!).

There are some neat things that are happening though. I started some seeds for my garden that Ian tilled up for me.
All the trees in the yard are blooming, very pretty to look at out my kitchen window while I do dishes!

Jessica learned how to ride without training wheels!! It's always so exciting when they 'get' it for the first time!

(and yes, I know she's barefoot. Trying to keep shoes on my kids is almost impossible, everytime I turn around they take them off again!)

Abram is not too far behind her in learning. Watching her has made him REALLY motivated! :O)

We set up a basketball hoop and have been having so much fun. We have it set low so that the kids can make it it the hoop and each evening we've been playing a game called Bump, it's fast, fun and hilarious to play.

Now I shall go fold more laundry!


Emily said...

your backyard is so awesome for your kids. Totally a kid paradise. :) and be sure Abram has a helmet on at ALL times. We know how he's a scar collector. ;)

Melissa Stover said...

wow those trees are beautiful.

Leanne said...


Isn't it nice to have a super fantastic view??

I love peaceful, uneventful days!

EEEEMommy said...

Great pictures! Hooray for bike riding! If you like, the next time I see your kids I can tell them the story about how my sister almost sliced off her toe while riding barefoot! It's tough to keep shoes on my kids too (they follow my example), but my one rule is closed toed shoes while bike-riding. Not that it isn't broken, mind you, but they have to endure the Aunt Alex in the ER story and my ire if they're caught barefoot on a bike.

Renata said...

Oh your backyard is just beautiful! How I love spring (only 6 months to go!!)
It is fun when the kids learn to ride without training wheels - well done to your daughter!
Hope you are keeping well - sorry I've been absent - hopefully life is slowing down a bit now!
Renata :)