Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Science & Industry Museum

***Warning***Lots of pictures!

We took the kids on a field trip up to the museum in Chicago yesterday and had SO much fun!

Jessica is sitting on the outside of a plane here....

and this is the kids on the inside. I don't see them getting to go on a plane ride anytime soon so this is about as close to the real deal as they'll get. :O)

This was an old time cinema where they played a 20 minute Charlie Chaplin movie. It was neat to see the kids cracking up while watching.

Airplanes! The big white one above their heads here is the one they were sitting in just moments ago.

I wish I had had the video going when we rounded the corner to see this submarine, very exciting! This is the actual German sub captured during the war.

The enigma machine used to crack the codes, can you just see how happy Ian is to be here? Oh, he had a great time in this part of the museum!


Depth charge.

And lastly, this is how Kathleen spent the day. She was a really good girl.

There were many, many more things that I could post pictures of but I'll spare you from hundreds of photos. I know the submarine was up top for some, but they also really enjoyed the space section getting to see the things that had actually gone up to the moon, very cool! One of my favorites was the storm center that had a Tessler coil to create lightning, a tsunami wave model, and a small tornado.

All in all the day was awesome, we'll definitely be going back in the future.


Halfmoon Girl said...

I am happily crunching away on my granola as I read about your big day at the science museum. There is so much fun and learning that does on at places like that. I always love it when they explain something to the kids in such a way that I can't, seeing as how I am not very science minded. There is an IMAX theater at the one we have gone to. The kids FREAKED out when the movie started, as the screen was huge and it began with huge, fierce looking Vikings stepping out onto the New World- that made for a few stressful moments, but the memory makes me smile now.

Dawn said...

What a fun museum! I love science museums... We just got back from a trip and I was shocked thnat there were no science museums in the whole place. There was a great Titanic Museum though.

Renata said...

What a fun day! We also love museums & recently went to a science one in Canberra!
Yours looks fantastic - my boys would be in their element (including the big one - LOL)