Friday, September 10, 2010

History & Science

Now that we are a few weeks into our school year, the foundation things (language arts/math) are going along fairly well. I decided that this would be a good time to start adding in history & science lessons. I wasn't very dedicated to history last year (bad home school mama, I know!) even though I really like the book we're using:

When I would read to them last year I'd give them a blank piece of paper and ask them to sketch whatever came to mind. This worked out alright but I wanted something more specific. So this year I bought:

I don't think we'll be using the writing aspect of this book but when we pulled this out yesterday ALL four of the kids had such a great time drawing along with what we were learning. Hopefully the enthusiasm will last awhile. :)

For science we're studying astronomy:

We'll be using the notebook that goes along with this too.

I really like the narrative style of these books and that four of the kids can do this together, though varied depending on their age. I must say though, after reading both of these lessons aloud back to throat was sore! Hopefully that will get easier the more we get into the year too. :)


Renata said...

I was thinking to purchase the Mystery of History for next year! I've heard it's excellent.
Hope the curriculum goes well - it all looks like heaps of fun!
Have a wonderful day

H0MEFree said...

Truthfully, science and history are extras... so you were fine before! LOL
But I know what you mean. I just buy history & science but only have them *read* it- so no stress there.

EEEEMommy said...

Sounds great!

We haven't done the Astronomy book yet, but we have thoroughly enjoyed Jeannie's Botany, Flying Creatures, and Swimming Creatures. This year we're going to do Anatomy, and I'm very excited about her new journals!