Saturday, September 25, 2010

Open House

I am wearing...sweatpants, a purple tank top & navy blue hoodie

I am listening husband watching a movie across the room

I am reading...the book of Isaiah for BSF

I am looking forward to...a night of real sleep, I think it's going to be awhile still....

Outside my window...darkness

I am creating...A BUSINESS!!! ...and a baby :)

I am praying for...friends/family, my BSF group, and guidance

I am thankful...that the Lord gives us grace, I seem to need a lot of it!

From the kitchen...a sink full of dishes awaits me :(

What's going on with you?? I would love to visit your open house!


Dusti said...

Your creating a business? Would love to hear more.
So glad you have a Bible study you enjoy. I wish I had a BSF group I could meet with.
Hope you all are well. :)

Sarah said...

Yay for sweatpants!

Sheila said...

I love your open house and I have participated. :)

Congrats on the business!

Renata said...

This is lovely! What kind of business are you creating?
What a fun open house!
Have a lovely day