Sunday, May 1, 2011

Knot funny! Knot at all....

Friday evening my hubby came home with a project on his mind. He's wanted to change the location of our rope swing to a higher branch and switch from a rectangular seat to a round one. Out came the ladder, only to find out it wasn't quite tall enough. I figured it wouldn't be to hard so I climbed up as far as the ladder would reach and then kinda shimmied up the rest of the way (maybe another 5 feet?). Wrapped the rope around a couple times and tied the knot.
We swung a few times, Ian and I both putting a lot of weight on it to make sure the knot was good and steady before letting kids go. All seemed nice and secure.
Saturday the kids and I go out and swing a few times testing out just how high we could go. Pretty soon Ian comes out too and I ask him to push me, since I wasn't getting too high pushing myself. I'm a bit of a big kid at heart and swinging is FUN! He pushed me a couple of times, the kids are all watching...we're all smiling...I'm getting really high up....then BAM.
I'm laying on the ground gasping for breath.
Ian rushes over and calms me down, telling me not to talk and to take short breaths. Falling just knocked the wind outta me.
Slowly I begin to breath more regular. We look up and realize the knot had somehow come undone.
All I can think (besides about how sore I am) is “better me than one of the kids”.
My daughter just wishes she'd been video taping it so she could send it in to America's Funniest Home Videos.
Today, I'm trying to take it easy since I'm sore from my neck to my thighs.
I'm working on the post to answer your questions...stay tuned. :O)


jc said...
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Jim H. said...

Next time use a bowline knot. Or better yet, install a swimming pool under the rope swing. Problem solved. I'm glad you are ok.

Renata said...

Oh no - I hope you get over your aches & pains quickly. Glad you are alright though!
I've always wanted a rope swing here for the children - we have so many trees to choose from & they give such wonderful opportunities for photos - maybe one day (although I certainly won't be knotting one - I have no idea about knots).
Have a wonderful day

ericksonzone said...

That would knot be fun at all. Sorry to hear about the fall. What I was thinking is how you had the fortitude to shimmy up that far to tie the knot in the first place.