Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Why there is no 'Answers Part Two'

Okay, so there isn't going to be part two...

Mainly because by the end of the first post I'd answered most of the questions and somewhat because I just ran out of steam. :O)

I do still plan to put up a 'day in the life' type post (soon, please bear with me)

Right now my mind seems to be pretty 'me' focused. I don't like to focus on myself much but my health/weight needs my attention at this point in time.

I go through this roller coaster with my weight. It's up when I'm pregnant then downhill when I'm not...then up again...well, you get the picture.

In July this year I'm having a pretty significant birthday (number wise) and I'm noticing that the whole downhill process of losing weight is just a wee bit harder this time. So, I'm taking inspiration from this wonderful lady and trying to get my tushie in gear. I've gotten up three days in a row and dragged myself down to the gym to workout (at 5 a.m.!). I know, I know three whole days doesn't seem like a lot (and it's not) but I've started and that counts for something, right?


Amy said...

Great job on the three days ! I have struggled with my weight most of my life. It wasn't until I gave up almost all sugar that the weight just started falling off. Keep up the good work!

Sarah said...

ROCK ON! Three days in a row is a huge deal!

I totally believe in ya. I know you've got what it takes to stick with something.

So proud of you, keep it up! Soon, you'll look forward to it.

Gayle @ TrainingOlives said...

Oh girl.. that really is a huge perk of pregnancy. And 3 days IS a big deal! Even if you "fall off the wagon" remember, it's only got to be about every other day or so for results.
As far as part 2's.. don't even get me started.. LOL! Everysingletime I've ever said I'm going to do a "series" it never happens.. Oh well!

Renata said...

You're doing so well! It is harder to move as we get older. Which reminds me - I need my run today - it's been more difficult since it's gotten colder in the mornings to motivate myself to go outside!
Have fun