Friday, May 4, 2012

Our New Business Venture

On the first of May our family officially opened a business, Duckygirl's Resale. I've had a few people ask me how things are working out (like: what in the world are the kids doing?) and what led us to decide to do this.

Well, for pretty much all of our marriage we've talked about having a family business. Something that would allow us to be together but also provide the kids a place to learn and have their first jobs. If you've followed my blog for awhile you probably already know that I have been selling homeschool curriculum out of our house for about a year and a half. It wasn't busy by any means but it was a fun sort of hobby to have. I had dreamed about actually renting a storefront and giving it a go...but that seemed far off.

Then Josiah....oh, sweet little boy...Josiah....

Our world seemed to turn upside down.

I'm not sure even what started the ball rolling but we started researching commercial buildings and the idea of selling children's clothing along with the curriculum.

The research led to driving around, looking through buildings and lots of daydreaming.

And you know what? It was good.

Good to have a goal.

Good to have a distraction.

Good to have something to throw ourselves into so we aren't overwhelmed by grief.

It's helped us to have something together as a family unit. Totally awesome at this time.

So here we are finishing up our first opening week.

We have two rooms for the kids. One school room and one toddler room with toys and beds for the littles to nap. When there aren't any customers I'm in mom mode, hanging out with the kids and teaching them. When someone comes in I go out front and work. It's been a pretty smooth transition....I'll post pictures of the store and all the kid areas as soon as I remember to bring my camera with me! :)


Dawn said...

Awesome! I am so glad you have this oppotunity and goal. My blessings to you and your family. I have followed you for many years now from homeschoolblogger to here.

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

I am so excited for y'all! Sounds like the perfect setup too. Praying for God to abundantly bless your new venture!

Amy said...

I can't wait to go shopping! It sounds wonderful :)

Heather T. said...

That's so awesome!!!!!

Shelby said...

Awesome:) We have our own business now for about 8 yrs. I do all of the scheduling, billing and quotes. It works well for our family with no to little overhead and one almost full-time technician. We have a small office small, but I am there rarly. So you go Laura Sims. I am proud of you.


Emily said...

SO proud and happy for you!

ericksonzone said...

What an awesome venture for your family! That's amazing that it all came together. I can't wait to hear and see more.

Kimmie said...

Praying down right blessing on you and your sweet Knight as you venture into this new area of life. Be blessed, I pray that God does wild things above that you could ask or think. I love you Laura.

mama to 8
one homemade and 7 adopted

Life with Kaishon said...

Congratulations to you on achieving your goal! How wonderful. I hope you do well!

Leanne said...

Laura! I didn't get this post in my reader!

SOOOO excited for you!

You'll definitely have to keep us posted on how it's going and how you all are liking it.

Praying for you guys still.

Jesse Baars said...

Congratulations on your new store! How has it been so far? Balancing your time between managing a business and taking care of the kids can be tough for some people. Stay focused. Do not be afraid to ask for help, and remember to maintain separate records for your business and family expenses, so that it will be easier for you to balance your accounts later on.

Fernando Bouley said...

Nice one, Laura! Venturing into a new business is not that easy, especially if you’re a full-time mom, but, with proper time management, you can easily handle the overall tasks, pressures and stress. By the way, I wonder if you ever get to apply for any type of business loan for your finances, because renting a building can be costly. Anyhow, congratulations and you sure do have good looking kids. =)