Saturday, June 7, 2014

Catch up

When Google reader ceased to exist I pretty much ditched blogging. Most friends were on Facebook and that coupled with a busy life just kind of took over. But I miss blogs. I miss people sharing what's happening in their lives beyond a one sentence status.

To jump back in I'm going to just start with a glimpse of today.

Today is Saturday, I'm at our store until 3:00 today and it's a pretty mellow day. The street is closed off for a cycling race this afternoon, so traffic is slower than normal. It's giving me a chance to get some backlog of books & clothes tagged. I'm here with 8 of the kids, Ian's not feeling too well and stayed home with Kenny & Stephen.

Nicholas is almost 16 months now & not quite walking yet, though I keep catching him standing on his own and he's sure cruising along furniture fast! His hair has started filling in and it's CURLY! The first of our kids to get that trait from their daddy.

I'm 24 weeks preggo now with our 12th baby! Still seems crazy when I say that. :) I'm feeling well, second trimester is usually the 'easy' part. No nausea & tiredness and not quite big enough to be uncomfortable yet.

In the past month we got to visit with three of my aunts, my uncle & two cousins all of whom we hadn't seen since we moved to Illinois almost 6 years ago. They got to meet several of our kiddos who have been born was a lot of fun!

Now I'm off to eat my lunch and get a few more things done before closing up shop and heading home for the evening.

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Dawn said...

I just can't get into Facebook either. I much prefer blogs. I miss reading yours. It is nice to catch up and I hope to see you around again soon. I am glad you all still have your store. It amazes me that you pull that off on top of raising your beautiful family.
Blessings, Dawn