Saturday, December 27, 2008

Here's where I'm going to brag about my husband...

When we moved here we only brought one vehicle with us. We prayed the whole way here that it would actually make it and we wouldn't be left stranded. It did make it, but about two weeks ago it died. (My hubs thinks it's fixable but will take some tinkering). Anyway, about 3 days before that van died we had purchased a second van that Ian was going to use to drive to work. It's a conversion van and has seats for a driver, front passenger, two bucket seats and a bench in the rear that seats 3. Basically, it'll fit him & I and 5 kids. Not quite enough room for all of us. So what does my super duper handy guy do??? He moved the bench forward and added a bench from the other van. Now it seats him, me and 9 kids :)

The added seat faces the back of the van as seen here:

In this picture you can kinda see the two bucket seats and one forward facing bench, the rear facing one is directly behind it.

Now we once again have a van that will hold us all. Thanks Ian, you are awesome!!


Emily said...

He never ceases to amaze me with his cleverness. That's such a huge relief to have your car back. YEAH FOR FRESH GROCERIES!!!!!

Robyn said...

Yeah! I'm happy for you that he got that project finished. Pretty nice to have such a handy man. Now you can all go out together! Plus a little extra room. No more cabin fever!

Kimmie said... rock! Now L~ can you send him to my Bruce needs to order a new rear facing seat from 'Little Passengers' so we can fit everyone in our Surburban (until we can afford something bigger).

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

Anonymous said...

I had no idea that could be done. What a great idea!

Angie said...

That is great! Glad you have a Handy Dandy Hubby!! :0) What would we do w/out our hubbys!!

Hope your Christmas was a blessed one.

Happy New Year and May God Bless You All This Next Year As He Has This Year.

Hugs and Pugs,

Beth Tunnell said...

I had a friend in high school whose parents put a couch with added seat belts in the back of their van. It was so much fun! Probably not as safe as your very handy husband's work, though.