Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sick week

The past week has been spent dealing with sickness. Two of our kids had the flu and one a fever and an earache. Mild sickness and one child at a time, I do have that to be thankful for. It breaks my heart though to see my kids sick. Yesterday my 3 year old ball of fire wanted to do nothing but sleep and lay around. He'd be up for a bit, cuddle on my lap and then say, "I think I need to sleep now." and he'd walk off to bed. It made me want to cry, the poor guy. Daddy got to be the hero though, he stopped and got Tylenol on his way home from work. In about 30 minutes the little guy was up playing tag with the rest of them. :)

It's amazing what a little bit of medicine will do.

I do like the cuddles though. I just wish he'd sit still like that when he's not feeling icky.

We've yet to see if it's going to go around the whole household, hopefully it won't.
On another note, I'm supposed to be going to this cookie exchange thing later this week. It's going to be my first introduction to a bunch of other home school moms here...anyone have a great cookie recipe that would just make me look impressive??


Emily said...

Do peanut butter balls. Recipezaar has the recipe. They rock my world.

Renata said...

I have a yummy recipe for triple chocolate biscuits - always a big hit. Just leave me a comment with your email if you want it.
Hope you have a fun time meeting the other mums - I always get so nervous meeting new people!
Hope your children get better - when a 3 year old requests a sleep, you know they really are sick.

ericksons said...

That's nice that you're getting the chance to meet other people. That always makes things better, even if it is awkward at first. Good luck with the sick kids. My twins had ear infections the past week and then we found out that Claire is allergic to amoxaxillan (i think I spelled it close :) ). She has a bad rash all over her body. poor thing.

mylittleducks5 said...

The littles do look so sad when they are sick. I pray it doesn't spread. My recipe for well kids is LOTS of sleep. As far as the cookies, I don't really have one. I always end up making chocolate chip and oatmeal. Have a Merry Christmas!!

Kimmie said...

Oh, sorry you guys were sick (hope you are better now!)

You could always buy premade cookies...melt chocolate chips and drizzle it over them....and quick throw on some sprinkles. (just watch the chocolate in the microwave...as it can burn fast.)

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted