Friday, February 13, 2009

Photo fun

I'm still playing around with my camera, but after Carrie's suggestions over at her blog I decided to play around with some of the picures after they were on the computer. I like the black and white and soft focus...I'll try something different next time.

What do you think?
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Emily said...

What program did you use? I went to Flickr and used their free PIKNIK program and it's pretty easy.

Did I tell my story (your part) right on my blog? I tried to relay it accurately, but it's all 3rd hand by the time I got it from you, but was it accurate? I'm loving, loving, LOVING my camera like crazy.

carrie said...

those look wonderful! I love the soft focus on some shots too. It's such a nice touch.

ericksons said...

I don't know if I can continue to follow your blog. It's making me want one of those really cool cameras. :)

Big Red Driver said...

Good job playing with the pictures and of course you can't beat the subject matter.

Beth said...

I just found your blog from your comments on Carrie's blog. Love these black and whites! Your kids are so cute. And the shoe story, so funny. I always wonder how random shoes (and I've even seen underwear) end up on the side of the road. Emily suggested Picnik, I second that. It's great. You can get on straight from their site, or upload from Flickr and get on from there.