Thursday, July 16, 2009

Favorite things

I was reading a blog yesterday where the lady made a list of 10 things that were guaranteed to lift her mood. I thought it was a good idea and it helped me get to know her better. So, now I'm going to take a stab at it.

Here are ten things that lift my mood.

1. Upbeat music. Praise music is good but I also like country, particularly Sugarland. Fun music can make so many things more folding laundry.

2. A good book. I don't read that often, it usually comes in spurts, but when I do I LOVE it.

3. Games. I grew up playing games a lot with my family and now I like to play them with my kids & Ian. Board games. Dice. Card games. Online scrabble :)....I enjoy it all. (except strategy games like Risk or Stratego, I'm not any good at those!)

4. Finding a good bargain. I like to shop at thrift stores, garage sales and discount stores but the fun doesn't end there. Like this week for instance, there was a coupon online for $1 off water bottles and walmart had 6 packs priced at $1. I printed off 4 coupons (that was the limit) and got (4) 6 packs of lemon flavored water FREE! How could that not lift your mood?

5. Waking up to a clean house. This one requires that I actually clean it the night before and I'm sad to say that it doesn't happen often enough. But, when I do it and get to wake up and make breakfast in a clean kitchen...walk down the hallway without avoiding toys....stuff like that, well it's just refreshing.

6. Date night!! I love my kids, I love being around my kids. Some times though, I need to be without them. I need time with just Ian. Period.

7. Projects. This is another one that happens in spurts. I get the itch to change things or be creative, or it comes out of necessity (like the chairs I just re-did).

8. Watermelon. You might say this is a pregnancy craving right now, but a juicy slice of watermelon?? Watching little ones eat it.... *smiles* that's what it brings.

9. Newborn babies. I love babies. (Duh?) Not just my own either. I get really excited when other people have babies. Sometimes even people I've never Jessica. Or a few months ago Melissa... I LOVE IT!

10. Sunshine. Getting outside and enjoying nice weather is a sure fire mood lifter.

How about you?? What puts you in a better mood and gives you a smile??


Leanne said...

I'm doing this!!!!

So, instead of putting my 10 things in your comments, read it on my blog, maybe today, maybe not, but soon!

It lifts my heart just thinking about thinking about 10 things!!!

Renata said...

Oh I agree with most of your list!! I love a clean house & upbeat music & newborn babies....

Melissa Stover said...

finding a good bargain always thrills me. it's so exciting. a nap always puts me in a good mood too.

thanks for participating in the name that photo contest at my blog! your caption is hilarious.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing how many of your answers could be mine. I will be making my list soon.

Kate said...

It put me in a better mood just reading your list!

Dusti said...

I love this post-What a great idea. I'm going to get this up on my blog sometime this weekend. :)
We have many things in common (ie love a great deal) so, don't think I copied-LOL

Gayle @ thewestiecrew said...

I have to agree with you on the clean house thing! It really does give me a sense of peace (along with the laundry being done).

Growin' with it! said...

games...if i win! JUST kiddin'. great list adn the clean house is the one i would like to have the most!