Thursday, July 2, 2009

Summer Calendar

I really like it when I have things to look forward to. I don't really like to have a tons of things planned, but to have something on the schedule for every couple of weeks is nice. It's like the carrot dangling out in front of me motivating me to keep plodding along. Between now and when the baby is due (less than 60 days now!) there are things on the calendar like:

~the 4th of July (Ian gets a 3 day weekend!)
~My daughter's 5th birthday
~My birthday
~a friend coming & a trip to six flags while he's here
~My oldest daughter's 9th birthday
~oodles of dr.s appointments (why are there so many??)

I think that looks like just enough to fill the time, yet not so much to seem overwhelming, because you know there's still other things to do like making meals, cleaning, changing diapers....


Dusti said...

I love summer. I love days free to play outside, go to the park, meet some friens or whatever. Our calendar is vbs, parkdays (w/friends or coopgrp), and our library has some activities planned. Oh and yes I guess I still need to make meals and do laundry don't I? :)
God Bless- miss you guys

Leanne said...

Less than 90 days??? Can't wait to meet her!!

I wish we were the friends that were coming out!!!

I like to have things to look forward to also, just enough stuff to add a tiny bit of variety to our schedule. Otherwise the sameness wears down....

Take care!!

Beth Tunnell said...

I'm with ya! And yay for three day weekends!

Renata said...

Totally understand the not wanting your calender crowded!
60 days til baby - the time is flying. I started reading your blog when you had just given birth to your last baby...doesn't time fly!