Thursday, November 19, 2009

Because I'm all about peer pressure....

Or rather, I'm feeling pulled in many different directions and this gives me something to blog about without using much brain power! :)

Thank you Leanne & Emily for this.

You're supposed to do a one word asnwer for each of these questions...uh, I don't think it's possible. (right Leanne?)

1. Cell phone:
I wish I still had my old one, the new one completely confuses me.

2. Hair: yes, I have hair.

3. Father: The Lord is my Father.

4. Favorite food: It's been pizza for a loooong time, but as of late I'm a bit addicted to Pad Thai.

5. Dream from last night: bizarre

6. Favorite drink: Diet Coke

7. Dream/goal: to make it through today...and then tomorrow...and then the next day.

8. What room am I in?: Living room.

9. Hobbies: What? People have time for hobbies?

10. Fear: All kinds involving my children.

11. Where do I want to be in 6 years? settled.

12. Where was I last night? At Awana's with the kids.

13. Something I am not: OCD.

14. Muffins: Peach please.

15. What is on my wish list? I'd love an Ergo carrier.

16. Where did I grow up? Washington

17. Last thing I did: Got the baby off of the dishwasher door, he was standing on it removing all the cups & tossing them on the floor.

18. What am I wearing? Jeans and a grey t-shirt and a purple hoodie.

19. TV? rabbit ears.

20. Pets: Nope.

21. Friends: Some far (too far!) and some near.

22. My life: I love it.

23. My mood: Pleasant.

24. My vehicle: Dodge Ram 15 passenger van, white w/blue stripe...hard to miss, it's huge.

25. What am I NOT wearing? a bikini...never again.

26. Favorite store: I like Target, though I rarely go there.

27. Favorite color: YELLOW.

28. When did I last laugh: I'm sure I chuckled at a few things but my last belly laugh was when my daughter came up with our new family motto.

29. My BFF: so far away *sniff*

30. When did I cry last? I tend to cry often but I had a big cry this weekend.

31. The place I go over and over: Aldi & Wal-mart.

32. Person who emails me regularly: The Library, they're always wanting their books back. What's up with that?

33. Favorite place to eat: Anywhere that I am not required to do the dishes.

Steal this and let me know so I can read YOUR answers.


Miriam said...

#28: which is...???? You can't put a cliff-hanger in like that!

Emily said...

Your bikini answer had me smiling. LOL! I should have thought of THAT one. ;) and yeah, I'm with Miriam. What's your family motto?

mylittleducks5 said...

Loved your answers. I hope we can see you soon :( We need to hangout again. Maybe once you are settled and after the holidays we can come down there or you can come here :)))

Leanne said...

Yeah, give us the dirt on the motto...

I actually snorted out loud at the bikini one....

And I felt your personality come through as I read your answers.

It was fun reading!

Monica said...

Oh, we have so much in common....especially the lack of OCD:)

Dusti said...

I enjoyed this-thanks for sharing a bit about yourself. Do you make pad thai? I hear you on the wanting to be settled. I hope you guys find just the right house to call home.

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

bikini! LOL I so hear ya on that one!

That was really fun to read. I think I'll jump on the bandwagon tomorrow. I doubt I'll be able to keep it to a one word answer, although it would be fun to try (but far less interesting to read).

Ruby said...

Hello! I just dropped by from Blogomy Lake. This was an excellent post to read first up. I love your humourous outlook on life. Especially seeing that you have a large family. And gorgeous they are too. Nice to meet you and thankyou for having me :-)

Renata said...

Great list! Your car sounds great! I'm dreaming of a big van (not that I have enough children to justify one just yet). So what was the family motto?