Monday, November 9, 2009

Possible change is becoming Most Likely Change

In my previous post I listed out our housing options and said we were leaning towards buying. Well, we've made an offer on a house and it was accepted! Now, we are in the waiting period. Waiting for final approval of the loan, inspections on the house and the house appraisal. I'm going with the assumption that things will go through, but also trying to not be too excited as you can never be sure until it's all said and done.

All of that has made me feel a bit anxious about how the next month or so will go. I do not want to fall behind with the kids' schoolwork or let my house get chaotic (more than it already is!). So one thing I think I can do to help things go smoother is to prep more meals. I read several blogs of women who do batch/freezer cooking so they are really my inspiration!

Here's my goal of what to make for today:

2 meatloaves
3 lbs. meatballs
3 lbs. hamburger cooked and portioned in 1 lb. bags for nachos & hamburger stroganoff
1 pan homemade macaroni shells & cheese
4 dozen muffins (1/2 pumpkin butterscotch & 1/2 banana choc. chip)
2 batches waffles
2 batches pancakes
2 loaves pumpkin bread

All total that would be 7 dinners & 7 breakfasts that can be made with minimal thinking!

Hopefully I'll be back later and be able to post a picture of my efforts to prove I accomplished something ;)


Emily said...

Did you buy a GIGANTIC thing of hamburger? That's amazing. I'm inspired. ;)

and I can't wait to see your new house.

Sarah said...

Good luck! You can do it!!

Leanne said...

That's a LOT of food!! It's a lot of cooking...

When I freeze things, my problem is that I NEVER remember to take it out of the freezer in time to be thawed out for a meal!!! Pretty nerdy, I know.....

I've toyed with the very thing you did today....maybe I will, maybe you inspired me too!

Monica said...

You are a wise woman to plan ahead. There's a certain peace that comes over a mom when she knows dinner is already made:)

Renata said...

I hope it goes well!
Congratulations on the new home (I know it's not unconditional yet, but to have your offer accepted is still huge!)
Enjoy your meal prep!

Maria said...

THIS is the kind of cooking you were talking about. I made dinner, two pies, and some applesauce. You've got me so beat! Kind of like our scrabble games..want to start one? :)

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

How exciting!

And pumpkin butterscotch muffins sound divine!