Saturday, April 2, 2011

3 Things

I got this fun idea from my friend Leanne's blog.....and I thought I'd copy since copying is the best form of flattery, right?

Three names I've been called:
Lofa bird
Heather (by different people, weird. I don't think I look like a Heather)

3 jobs I've had:
Cart pusher for Fred Meyer
medical records filer
Sears portrait studio photographer

3 places I've lived:
Vashon Island, Washington
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
Bloomington, Illinois

3 TV shows I like: (I don't have cable or satellite...we watch online.)
Cake Boss
The Office
Clean House

3 places I've been:
Pacific Ocean
(wish I could visit any of those again soon)

3 places I want to go:
a spa
to a masseuse
someplace quiet....haha!
(just kidding/mostly)

3 foods I like:
pad Thai

3 things I'm looking forward to:
going to a friend's wedding in PA in a couple weeks! :)
real spring weather
everyday watching my children grow & learn

3 pets I've had:
a black cat named PITA when I was a kid(yep, it's an acronym for pain in the...well you get the idea)
NO OTHER PETS! Sorry. Pets are great for some people just not me. :)

3 entertainers I like:
How about the Duggars? That's more than 3 but they're pretty entertaining (Sorry Emily)

3 Christian artists I like:
Third Day
Jeremy Camp

3 drinks I like:
Diet Coke
ice tea

3 pet peeves:
people who don't use their turn signals
anyone playing with my hair
repetitive noises (kazoo anyone?)

3 favorite movies:
BBC's Pride & Prejudice
Sweet Home Alabama
Top Gun

3 favorite actors:
Steve Carroll (SO funny!)
Hugh Grant (more the movies he's in than him I think)
?? Can't think of a third.

3 favorite actresses:
Reece Witherspoon
Julia Roberts
can't think of her name but she plays Leslie Nope on Parks n Rec....she's hilarious!

3 books I like:
Pride & Prejudice
The Hiding Place

3 role models:
my husband
our Pastor
A very encouraging, wise friend from church

3 accomplishments:
making it through each day
5 years of homeschooling under my belt
surviving childbirth 9 times

3 goals in my future:
growing closer to the Lord
teaching/training my kids
growing my business

3 words that describe me: (I hope)

And for the sake of keeping things real, I'll add:

3 things that DON'T describe me:
stylish (I go for comfort over fashion, ha!)


Leanne said...

Thanks for doing that post, Laura!

Most of those things made me nod my head, because they just seemed like you.

Yes, you ARE patient. You ARE friendly. I'm so so so glad to know you!

Let me add one thing that I like a LOT about you: You are so encouraging.

Take care!!

Kimmie said...

that was fun...I liked finding out some new things about you...



Shelby said...

I am not a stalker really, but where at in PA. I would love to meet up for coffee if you were close by. I live very close to Lancaster, PA. I am sure you will be very busy, but just thought I would ask:) You will love PA there is so much to do.