Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

It's hard to believe that the Halloween picture above is from two years ago! Someday I may replace it with a current pic, but for now my hearts content to keep it there.

Any who~ I wasn't intending to go down a sad road with this post. We decided to keep on with the tradition of having a family theme, this year: Movie Night!

We got them all dressed up and they trick or treated at the businesses downtown last week. And can I just say, I am SO glad that we did because Halloween night it was raining! The costumes were made of mostly poster board & markers that would completely ruin in the rain. All day long the kids had a solemn attitude thinking we would not be able to go. We closed up shop at 3pm and started driving home, with a van full of disappointment. If you read my last post, I'm trying (and praying for His strength) to be fully engaged with the kids, putting in a full effort.

So, I turn the van around.

A quick stop back at the shop, one quick trip to the dollar store & we came up with 8 new costume ideas that wouldn't be ruined by rain! Yay! We ended up with (in order from oldest to youngest): Spidergirl, Soldier, Football player, Princess, Ninja, Biker dude, Punk rock girl, & a blue alien (Mabel & Nicholas stayed in the van). In all the rush for plan B I forgot to snap any pictures. Boo. But the kids had a ton of fun and gathered enough candy to ensure high dental bills in our future. Success! :)

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Dawn said...

How did you make all of the letters on the candy. The costumes are great. Our prayers continue to be with you.
Blessings, Dawn