Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Da, da dada, da da dada,

Anyone remember that movie 'Untamed Heart' with Marisa Tomei? There's this scene where the song is playing, "Da, da dada, da da dada, da da dada da da da-da..." remember??

I've had that song stuck in my head for days now and I just thought I'd share. I'm nice like that.

Things are picking up and getting busy for the next couple of days. Sometimes this is nice and sometimes it's...uh...stressful? I'm praying that it all just turns out fun. Today we are off with some friends to spend the day at the beach. Then tomorrow we get to spend the day out again. We leave mid morning to cross the ferry and try to navigate downtown Seattle to find parking by where my Dh works. Then all of us get to go up in the big tall skyscraper building to get to go see where he works. We've never been before so this actually sounds interesting to us! They are celebrating all the new babies for the people in his office. So, not only are we bringing 7 kids into a quiet office, but they are going to be feeding them cake and ice cream too. Yeah, sounds really relaxing. Oh, and don't tell anyone but it's my birthday tomorrow too. :)


Emily said...

You DO know that Ian is going to 'mention' that it's your birthday. count on that one. :)

Leanne said...


Happy Birthday, dear friend!

It's been such a delight seeing you "grow up" these many years we've known you guys....

I won't say eat some cake for me, but I will be thinking about you on your birthday!!


Anonymous said...

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I hope you had a great birthday.

Monica said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

I'll be thinking of you as you brave the big city with your crew. I think his office is in for a treat:) Can't wait to hear the stories.