Friday, July 25, 2008

Recipe Swap

Gayle has come up with a neat idea...a recipe swap! I love reading recipes and gathering new ideas so I'm visiting all your blogs!!

Here is my contribution for the week.

(It might be best to pair this with a salad.) I like it because it's easy, and the recipe is easy to remember. It's called:

Pound, Pound and a bottle.

The ingredients:
  • a pound of hamburger
  • a pound of Velveeta
  • a bottle of green taco sauce (I like the small La Victoria one)
The directions:

Brown the hamburger; drain.
Cube the velveeta and add to meat in pan, when it starts to melt add the taco sauce.
Stir well and serve with lots of chips for dipping (I prefer Doritos or corn tortilla chips).

It's surprisingly filling. Not health food but if it's occasionally who cares, right? If you make it I guarantee your kids will LOVE you! :)


Leslie said...

This sounds really good. Maybe something to take to a party. Thanks for the idea!!

Leanne said...

Thanks for the recipe!! I bet you could put some cream cheese and shredded cheese in there too.....

I enjoyed your comment on my Phillipians 4:8 post. I really wanted to cause my readers to think about what they were watching. I think everyone pretty much agreed with me, except one "anonymous" commenter....

Anyway, thanks for being a faithful reader!


Gayle said...

Ooh baby, I felt that all go to my thighs! Yummy!

Emily said...

Hey, no fair...I'm on a diet. REMEMBER?
Easy to remember too, in fact, I don't think I'll ever forget it.

Gayle @ thewestiecrew said...

Oh girl! That sounds really, really yummy!
We make something similar here, but we use Rotel tomatoes (spiced up diced tomatoes and peppers), instead of the taco sauce. YUMMO!

Tammy said...

OH my! I must make that tonight! Totally sounds delish!

Becky @ BoysRuleMyLife said...

OH, yum! That sounds wonderful!

You have a BEAUTIFUL family btw. I loved checking out the pictures in your sidebar... very very cute!

MommaofMany said...

I came from Gayle's Recipe Swap. You're kids are so cute!

I have eight little Lambies, myself. I'll be browsing over your blog this evening.

My recipe blog is not the one linked to in my Google account; it's my family blog. If you'd like to see my recipes, which are all scaled for my large family, visit me at

Terri said...

Sounds yummy!

I bet my oldest boy would LOVE it on a friday night/evening with a movie!