Friday, July 11, 2008

See, I am still a work in progress!!

***I think I may need to make a retraction to my previous post on margarine.***

Yesterday I ran out of the yucky margarine (let's just call it Parkay) and a few other things so I went to the store. Well, here on this island you don't have much of a choice of stores. There's Thriftway and well, Thriftway, that's all. So I go over by the butter and see 4.99 for one box. Hmmm. Then there's the margarine....1.19. Humph! I just can't bring myself to spend more when the cheaper option is there. I bought more margarine (different brand though). Just call me crazy.

To test said margarine I made the same recipe of muffins (that burnt last go round). I opened the oven expecting horrible results only to find, perfectly golden yummy muffins!

Maybe I was wrong.

I'm okay with that, I'll just stay away from the yucky brand.

See, now I can have my yummy baked goods and cheap grocery bill.

Today's a good day :)

Oh and as an afterthought I decided to look up the whole marg. vs. butter myths and facts.

I found this website and found the following excerpt to be interesting.

i) "Margarine is one molecule away from being plastic"
– may be true, but so what!

Many chemical compounds are closely related without them being identical
or having the same effects.

Take ethanol and methanol, which are chemically closely related. Most people happily drink ethanol in wine, beers and spirits, whereas if they imbibed the closely related chemical compound methanol, they would go blind.


Emily said...

I read a book and it was sane and made sense. It said, Why eat FAKE...when you can have REAL. Scientists created margarine....God created butter. We don't have to add any chemicals to make it shelf stable and so forth.

So, no website can convince me. Margarine is still fake. And funny, but I'll keep on drinking my fake drink of choice right here next to me...Diet Coke....but butter/margarine? I'll die on that hill.


Duckygirl said...

I'm not saying I still wouldn't prefer to buy butter, just that marg. maybe isn't as bad as I thought. I really want butter, I'm just waiting it out until I go to Costco to buy it at a much better price!

Leanne said...

Laura, margarine IS as bad as you thought it was!!!!!!!!

I'm TOTALLY with Emily on this one!

I can no longer bring myself to eat Cool Whip. Or Jell-o.

I would rather be healthy than frugal.




ConservaChick said...

Here is my dirty little margarine secret... I use butter for my family, but when I need to make a ton of cookies, for like say... church, I whip out the margarine to save $$$. Yup evil, totally evil. ~K

Renata said...

I would have chosen the cheaper option as well (in fact I currently have marg in the fridge). Glad your muffins turned out this time around!

Gayle @ thewestiecrew said...

The very same fact that you posted about plastic and molecules was the whole reason I quit the margarine thing...LOL!

But I only buy it in bulk @ Sams because it IS expensive and we are far from rich!