Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Birthday Girl turns 8!!!

My journey into motherhood started eight years ago today, with this beautiful blue eyed girl.
She is incredibly sweet, reliable, active, a bit of a smartypants (in a good way), an avid reader (see below photo), a great big sister and a wonderful daughter!

I try to accommodate the kids wishes for their birthday meals, she chose pancakes with blackberry syrup and whip cream for breakfast...Yum!

She will probably not like me posting this picture, but it shows how she falls asleep most nights...with a book in hand!

We love you girl....even though we wish we could skip your birthday and keep you at 7! :)


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you guys have a wonderful day. And what a fine journey you are on:)

Monica said...

Time does fly- Happy Birthday!

Emily said...

It'll start to fly even faster...just wait. Soon she'll be turning 16. Won't that be a trip?

EEEEMommy said...

So forgive me a moment as I marvel that you had seven kids under the age of 8! Don't know why I never noticed that before, but wow! And I thought 4 kids in 5 1/2 years was something!
Anyway, happy belated birthday to your beautiful daughter! :) Eight was my favorite when I was a kid, and I've enjoyed it pretty well with my own kids too. :) Hooray for Eight! :)

Ericksons said...

Happy Birthday Amanda! Emma was so excited to see your pictures on your mom's blog. We sure miss you guys. Hope you had a good day.