Monday, August 11, 2008

Lacking structure

I'm thinking of purchasing this...has anyone used it?

I'd appreciate knowing if it's worth buying. I guess with the more kids I have and the more are getting school age I'm just wondering how exactly I'm going to stay on track. I already have trouble keeping up with house work (lots to do with being a procrastinator myself!) And while I'm asking...if you don't use a 'schedule' per se how do you deal with chore time, school time, free time and all that?


Mycrazylife said...

Hi Laura,

I have not used this, but I have heard good things about it.

I think as far as scheduling goes, there is only so much a plan can do. I can have it on paper all day long, but I actually have to follow it, which isn't easy sometimes. I guess staying on track takes lots of practice and some people are just better at it than others. I of course am in the "others" category!

Emily said...

I used it when all the kids were tiny. Gayle uses it still from time to time to start her year out.
I personally enjoyed some aspects, but I'm not very rigid, so a lot of it was very unnecessary to me.

Gayle said...

LOVED IT! I still use a lot of the principles. It was amazing how simple my days flowed and how much I could get accomplished. I highly recommend it. Don't be rigid with it but use it as a flexible framework. It's pretty amazing.

Anonymous said...

I have used managers of their chores which the Maxwells put out for chores only. I love it but agree that don't make it a rigid thing.

Beth Tunnell said...

Hey old neighbor! We're both one kid happier than the last time I saw you. Although, I must admit that is much more impressive for you. So, tell me if this book is great if you try it out. I can always use a little help with managing everything.

Monica said...

I'm not so good at sticking with detailed planners. A calendar is about as organized as I get. I'd be interested to know if/how this works for you if you decide to get it.