Tuesday, May 26, 2009

How I spent my weekend

Looking back at the past few days...wow...we did a lot!

We started off Friday night by making a hanging garden. I am not really into anything that requires a lot of hard work (in other words I'm a bit lazy). When I saw this concept I knew it's what I wanted. Each of these buckets have two plants, a tomato plant hanging out the bottom and something else on top. We have a variety of peppers, cilantro and a couple of strawberries. I'm hoping that having these up off the ground will prevent most pests from nibbling and help so we don't need to do any weeding. :)

Then Saturday we took the kids to do a little fishing. We learned that neither I nor the littles have the patience for that yet. *blush* We did get to see these friendly guys though.

Here's Josiah waving at them. ;)

And we did manage to catch a few sunfish.

Later in the day we took off to the other side of this park where the pools just opened up!! I forgot to take any pictures of that part but there were fountains, kiddie pools, slides, $0.50 ice cream cones...needless to say it was TONS of fun and we'll be going back SOON!

Church on Sunday and a date night out to see a movie....BBQ on Monday with new friends....

and now we're back to regular non-exciting stuff like laundry! :)


Emily said...

Laundry foils everything. Even a perfect weekend. ;)

Monica said...

I'm impressed with the fishing. That is something I never plan to even attempt with the kids. I would like to laze around in a canoe all day and pretend to fish, though.

Heth said...

Dude. That garden is stinking cool! I love the colorful buckets.

Dusti said...

I like your garden idea. Great buckets too!

The Pauls' Family said...

Wow, I've never seen a hanging garden before. That's a really neat idea.

Renata said...

What a fun place to visit! Glad you call all have a great time (even if the fishing just wasn't right!!)! The ducks are cute & I think those gardens are a great idea - how did you get the plants to stay in hanging upsidedown?

Leanne said...

We had gargantuan geese here at the lake.

They had to be relocated due to extreme aggression!!!

So the picture of the huge goose really brought back memories!!!!!

Sounds like a perfect weekend!

Duct Tape Chronicles said...

Laura, I think your weekend made me tired. Talk about busy bees. Love the strawberries-thems my favorite.

Charley & Jess said...

thanks for the comment on my post!! and thank you soooo much for your prayers! It's great to 'meet' you! :) I LOVE your blog! And WOW, eight kids?! how do you do it??

Neat garden idea! If it's ok, I'm going to add you to my friends in my sidebar.

love jess :)