Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Where did the last week go?

I logged in here ready to type only to realize that it's been a whole week since my last entry. I know that there are many weeks when I only post once but seeing this just made me think...what did we do?

I guess that uneventful is a good thing, less stress right?

In the next week we have a few things to do....like:

*Go back to the water park now that it's open during the day (not just evenings/weekends)

*Saturday there is a giant carnival/play day put on by my Dh's employer

*Next week starts our summer homeschool co-op
*I need to make lesson plans for said co-op (I'm teaching a nature study on birds)

*Bi-weekly grocery shopping (does this seem like a major chore to anyone else?)

Looking over to the side at my pregnancy ticker seems a bit unreal too...can there really be less than 90 days left?


Leanne said...

I do bi-weekly grocery shopping every month. What seems like work to me is WEEKLY grocery shopping!

The carnival sounds like a blast....

And the water park sounds like a good way to keep cool.

I just can't believe you have 90 days to meet your new pink baby!!! Yay, I can't wait to meet her too!

Renata said...

I do the fortnightly shop as well! What fun it sounds like you are having - a water park & carnival - wow!!
How is your pregnancy going?

Monica said...

Sounds like fun times to me! We have yet to make it to a pool and the children are chomping at the bit. This is basketball camp week for us:)

90 days?! Wow. That's no time at all.