Sunday, June 7, 2009


I was just sitting here clicking around to a few places on the web that I visit and I kept going back to my trusty bookmark tab. Which in turn made me think and wonder about what kinds of things other people bookmark. Mine are things like:

Places I visit daily,

Google Reader

Places I go occasionally,

a couple blogs I like but don't subscribe to
online bill paying sites
pandora radio

Places I've found with info I want for later,

etched glass instructions
free printable bible curriculum
recipe for homemade coffee creamer

Things for kids,

Spelling City

What do yours look like? Are there sites you go daily...occasionally...weird random ones you saved for later??? Please share!


Emily said...

I go to the same old websites....Sortof a creature of habit? but now I've added some photographers websites to get ideas.

Facebook, Google Reader, DrudgeReport, my blog. That's about it. BORING.

Renata said...

I actually have my list put into folders (yes, I have a lot of favourites) - my catagories are farming & homestead blogs; homeschool information; general home etc.;adoption blogs; - I didn't realise what a blog stalker I am until right now - not that I read them everyday, it's just occasionally - I do this as if they look interesting & I don't have time to sit & read I'll bookmark & then read later.

The Pauls' Family said...

Weather, sermons online, recipes, school, sheet music, articles, gardening, photography....just to name a few :)

Leanne said...

I just bookmark my favorite blogs, the same ones I've liked forever....

I have Azure Standard (a food co-op) bookmarked.....

eBay, of course....

My husband has FB bookmarked on the laptop....

I have a Gluten Free Recipe Exchange marked.... to cook!

Those are some of my favorites..

Too long of a list!

Anonymous said...

My bookmarks are school sites to get info and printables, Facebook, Blogs, and the weather, and banking.

Anonymous said...

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