Monday, June 22, 2009


The first few months living here in the Midwest I didn't really take the time to compare it to Washington. Sure there were a few obvious things, like the absence of greenery, hills or mountains. What struck me though was a conversation I had with a few kids in our homeschool group here. I'm teaching a little study on birds and I was showing pictures and I asked if any of them had ever seen a seagull?


A pigeon?

Only a couple.


I could tell that my kids were looking around thinking that that was weird, and frankly so was I. It sunk in though how different things are here. Things my kids have grown up with these kids hadn't seen and vice versa.

For instance, it wasn't until last week that we got to see a firefly.

Here those are common place, but to us they are fascinating!

So that has just left me curious as to what else we took for granted back in the northwest...and a bit sad that my kids are young still and may not remember those sand dollars...and slugs....digging for clams....the ocean...


I guess I'm a bit homesick, yet inspired to look for all the different things here we have yet to discover.


Anonymous said...

Why don't you have lightning bugs in the northwest? This is very interesting to think about. We have seagulls in parking lots and by the local farms. We call them flying rats ;) lol I am sure you will have fun discovering new things.

ericksons said...

What a positive attitude you have. What fun to think of all the things you have yet to discover. You have great kids, I'm sure they'll enjoy that too.

EEEEMommy said...

What a thought provoking post!!!

I did not know about the lack of lightening bugs in the Pacific NW!! Did you have cardinals? I can't imagine life without cardinals!!! We have pigeons in the city, but mourning doves are more common here (which I consider to be a good thing!). My kids know seagulls from living out East, and visiting the beach.
Lately, with as much rain as we've been having, we're very green here. I've never been farther west than Iowa, though, so I guess I don't really know how "green" Washington is...

Emily said...

Angel can't even imagine how GREEN some parts of Washington is. I can count 20 different greens on wet, dewy mornings...from my front porch.

love that.

I miss you lots. Wish you'd move back.

Monica said...

Ah, the Midwest. I grew up here and have enjoyed everywhere else we have lived ( TN, FL) for the very reasons you speak of. And yet, we ended up back in good ole Indiana. Don't worry, it will grow on you. It will take time, but it will.

Leanne said...

That kind of outlook is one of the reasons why I like you so much! You are so adaptable, so positive, and that's really a gift from God!

Hmm, let's see if I can add more things to the list of things those Midwestern-ers will never see: Northwest Blackberries, Fresh salmon, coffee stands on every corner, Pike Place Market, Mt Rainier in the Fall, Ferry Boats......

But I'm sure there are lots of things there that will make it feel like home to you, your little Kathleen will be born there!

Take care of you!

Kimmie said...

Enjoy your daily discoveries...may God bring you comfort as you look back on your old home and surroundings.

We have seagulls, fireflies, pigeons (well in the city)...mourning doves in the country. Slugs in the garden, clams at the beach...hmmm, do you want to move to CT? I'd love to have you and make you feel at home L.

big hug;
mama to 7
one homemade and 6 adopted

Renata said...

I´ve never seen a lightening bug (obviously as we don´t have them over here) - so I loved your picture!!
I know what you mean as everything is different here compared to Qld - I am still going through waves of homesickness as well!