Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A few posts back I mentioned the book Managers of their homes. I ended up buying myself a copy and have read through it (it's a pretty quick read). I have even gone as far as making a schedule and keeping it (for two whole days now....). Only time will tell if we can keep this up and actually make it a way of life. I said all that to say, there seems to be a reoccurring theme in my mind about simplifying. Although on paper a schedule seems a bit complicated I'm seeing that really it's making my job easier. Not having to daily put brain power into 'what comes next' is really helping. I went a bit further with that notion and decided to simplify my menu plan. I've been making a menu plan for awhile now and know that it helps me a ton. My new idea though is to be basic. I chose 5 breakfasts and 5 lunches to keep the same every week. Only dinners will vary. For example:

Monday- toast & apple sauce, hot dogs
Tuesday- pancakes, tuna sandwiches
Wednesday- muffins, macaroni & cheese

Are you seeing my point? I'm thinking that not only will this help me to have a plan, but it will help the kids deal with meals better because they will know what to expect. So far it's working for me!!

(and just as a disclaimer: I know that this isn't an original idea; lots of people do pizza Fridays or fish's just something new for us.)

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Emily said...

Way cool graphic to go along w/ your post. I think you're going to like the schedule. Because, when you decide to go off of it, or you only do part of it, there will be things that DO stick. So just having done the schedule is a good thing.

(Says the woman who doesn't write out her menu...ever)...I'm lazier than you. But I DID start school at 8am this morning. ACTUAL book learnin' :) That's way cool for me. I bet you started at 8 too, right?